We invite you to explore the vibrant nightlife of Warsaw and its best bars and pubs. Picture a lively atmosphere filled with craft beer, vodka, whisky and custom-made cocktails. Feel the energy as you walk up to the luxurious Panorama Sky Bar on the 40th floor of the Marriott hotel for incredible views of the city. Then head over to Oki Doki City Hostel for a party weekend with friends or Pijana Wiśnia bar for Ukrainian cherry liqueur and chocolates. Later, check out Klar – Cocktail Bar, Bar and Books Podwale, El Koktel, Coctail Bar Max Dom Whisky, Warszawska La Playa Music Bar or Room 13 Club. Finally make your way up to one of Warsaw’s rooftop bars such as Level 27, Loreta, Belle Epoque Champagne Bar, The Roof Sky Bar or Concept 13 Restaurant for breathtaking views at an affordable price. Come experience Poland’s largest city where freedom awaits!

Vodka Bar

If you’re looking for an authentic Warsaw experience, Klar – Cocktail Bar near the old town is a great spot to start: offering amazing vodka infusions alongside a casual vibe! This hidden gem offers unique and creative flavors that are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. Other bars in the city offer Polish craft beers, wine selections, sports games on TV and more. To explore the vodka culture of Warsaw’s bars, head over to Piw Paw for over 90 craft beer taps or Pijana Wiśnia bar specializing in Ukrainian cherry liqueur. Coctail Bar Max Dom Whisky is must-visit for custom-made drinks while Bierhalle has traditional Polish dishes accompanied by wooden bench seating. For those wanting to enjoy something special with friends, check out Loreta rooftop cocktail bar on 7th floor with fantastic views or Level 27 – stylish rooftop club on 27th floor with higher level clubbing experience!

Craft Beer Bars

For craft beer enthusiasts, Same Krafty is a must-visit, boasting over 90 taps of craft beers and traditional Polish dishes. It’s also a great spot for beer festivals, local breweries, and beer tasting experiences. Not to mention the fantastic food and beer pairing options at Piw Paw. If you’re looking for something unique, try Pijana Wiśnia – they specialize in Ukrainian cherry liqueur and chocolates!

For those curious about the brewing process, Coctail Bar Max Dom Whisky offers custom-made drinks that let you explore different flavors of craft beer. There are also various Bierhalle locations throughout the city that offer wooden bench seating with traditional Polish dishes.

Craft Beer Festivals Local Breweries Beer Tasting Experiences
Same Krafty Bierhalle Coctail Bar Max Dom Whisky
Piw Paw
Beer & Food Pairing Pijana Wiśnia Beer Brewing Process

Wine Bars

Come explore Warsaw’s finest wine bars for a unique and luxurious experience. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just starting to appreciate the taste of wine, there is something for everyone in Warsaw. From wine tasting experiences to hidden gem wine bars, you can easily find your perfect spot. Sample some of the local Polish wines and learn about how to pair them with food from knowledgeable staff members. Enjoy discovering new flavors in an intimate setting or simply relax with friends during a cozy evening out. Learn essential tips on proper etiquette for sampling wines and take advantage of special discounts at select venues. Take a break from the city hustle and discover the many amazing secret spots that Warsaw has to offer!

Sports Bars

Grab your friends and catch all the biggest games at Warsaw’s lively sports bars, where you can relax with a cold one while cheering on your favorite teams. From Same Krafty beer bar to Pijana Wiśnia Ukrainian cherry liqueur bar, there are plenty of spots for vodka lovers to explore in Warsaw. You can also check out Piw Paw craft beer bar with over 90 taps or Bierhalle for traditional Polish dishes and wooden bench seating. If wine is more your style, visit Bar and Books Podwale or Column Bar in the Hotel Bristol. For those looking for a vibrant atmosphere, try Panorama Sky Bar on the 40th floor of Marriott hotel, Coctail Bar Max Dom Whisky, El Koktel Śródmieście Północne, or Charlie Cocktail Bar. Here are some of the best sports bars in Warsaw:

  1. Room 13 Club – great people & music
  2. Kiti Bar – awesome cocktails & nice atmosphere
  3. Bank Club – amazing people & promotions
  4. UWAGA PIWO – friendly staff & great beer
  5. Pepper Night Warsaw – food & fun atmosphere
    Enjoy watching your favorite sport with good company!